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Brand New Segway X2 Personal Transporter $2000USD

Brand New Segway X2 Personal Transporter $2000USD
€ 1559.00
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Brand New Segway X2 Personal Transporter $2000USD
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It comes with the following accessories

* Handlebar Bag, Black
* i2 Lower Cargo Frame Kit (2)
* Universal Cargo Plate Kit (2)
* Segway Hard Side Case & Structure (2)
* Accessory Bar Kit
* Comfort Mat (2)
* LED Tail Light
* Light Kit (Front and Rear)
* Security Reflectivity
* Segway Reflectivity
* Off Board Charger
* Tool-less Release
* Segway Lock Kit
* Color Trim Kit, i2, Black
* Color Trim Kit, x2 Black
* Lithium ion Battery Kit (1)
* Info Key – Programmed

Buy At Wholesale Prices. Free shipping and Quick Worldwide Delivery.

Shipping Agents – FedEx, UPS & DHL
Delivery Time – 24-48Hours



SKYPE : mobileparadigm


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